Music as time machine

A week or so ago, I opened up Twitter and threw out a set of questions: What was the first CD you ever bought and would you listen to it today? The questions seemed — forgive the pun — to strike a chord, as answers poured in across eras and genres. I vividly remember being … Continue reading Music as time machine

Feelings I want to write toward

When you look at a loved one and see them anew and your heart fills to overflowing When something finally clicks into place and puts the world in a new light When you hit a suspenseful part of a book and forget to breathe and just read faster and faster and faster That keen sense … Continue reading Feelings I want to write toward

On social media, and choosing to see the good

Say what you will about social media and smartphones, but like (most) everything humans have created over the years, they have the potential for good and for ill. And the ill of today's technology gets a lot of attention, for good reason. There’s plenty to hate about the internet, and these technologies have heightened that … Continue reading On social media, and choosing to see the good